Ack! (And someone might need more work to do!)

I stopped by the house yesterday after picking up the niece and nephew.  The nephew refused to get out of the car but the niece agreed to come in.  I have to force the nephew to come in and I don’t understand what the big deal is.  He also refused to go inside my friend’s new house this afternoon and just sits in the car, in the heat, like an idiot.  God I hate pre-teens and teenagers!

Anyway, when we walked in, I noticed there was a lot of light coming in from around the bathroom door – it’s easy to see that since the molding has been removed from the door – and heard a saw going so I opened the door and saw:


Ack! The wall is gone! That smaller-than-a-jail-cell bathroom will soon be a same-size-as-a-jail-cell bathroom!!! Yay! You might be able to breathe in there at some unspecified point in the future!

I think F is using my wall as a to-do list for the workers he hired off of “the list” – you know – that one online.


Oh, and for a job to have so much work to be done, somehow someone has found time to doodle on my walls:


Get back to work!

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Windows! And less exciting but just as important – insulation!

Most of the new windows are in!



Yesterday, fiberglass insulation was blown into the exterior walls where there was nothing. They cut holes in the drywall, blew it in, then F and the crew have been patching up the holes with the puzzle pieces. The picture above is of the new windows – that insulation was surprisingly in those walls. Below are some of the patched-up holes.


I finally met with the kitchen cabinet lady again today – preliminary results – saving at least $2000 by going with a local company rather than HD or Lowes. I’m going to meet with her again in the a.m. and hopefully place the order.

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