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Got a question about updates…

Well, I am living here. I hate to post “final” pictures since they wouldn’t really be final.  I am still waiting on the Florence Carpet and Tile people to fix the dishwasher problem.  The bathroom is finished but there is one piece of molding that needs to be painted because I added it last – and the painter apparently threw his back out and he needs to come back to paint the side of the doors that were shaved off to make up for the new hinges not being as thick as the 80 year old hinges they replaced.

The fireplace has been tiled and grouted and looks great but I think I amalso adding some molding to the surround of the quartz hearth.  Also, the mantel needs to be painted.

My brother and I went through my dad’s stuff from his office again so we could get past to my stuff that I’ve been storing in Mom’s garage and finally reached my stuff so I can move it in!

So, one more light fixture to hang, a little more painting, molding around the hearth, move a bed and chest of drawers, get some chairs upholstered, find my garlic press in Mom’s garage/wine cellar plus my big pot, finish painting the two armchairs for the dining room and get all of these paint cans and leftover tiles out of my house and it might be over?

If I can get the nephews to get the tile from the house to the shed tomorrow, I will be really happy!  I think they will do it!  Just a couple more weeks!  🙂

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