No updates for a while but we are getting there.

Last week, I went to the tile store where they have my leftover countertop and gave them the dimensions to cut and polish the piece for the hearth of the fireplace.  I got a call back that it was one inch shorter than the depth I requested.  Crap.  I went back and remeasured – that one inch was extra so the shorter width will be fine!  Whew!  That piece should be ready next week.

The guys started on the backsplash Friday – well, they did the wiring for the undercabinet lighting, anyway, and cut out the drywall back there to (I am assuming) (1) install the wires and (2) because it was so lumpy and crappy looking they needed a flat surface so the tile would lay flat. Not sure what OF was planning to do with that lumpy mess of shit, but hey, I’m sure he would have rigged up something shitty that would have worked. I am also not sure how OF was planning on installing any of the undercounter lighting since the new guys have had to remove all of the insulation that I had put in the entire house, but saved it to replace it, I suppose.

The painter is coming back in the a.m. to tell me how much paint and primer I need to get for the bathroom. He will get that knocked out in a couple of days, maybe three, I hope, and then they can install the toilet and vanity! I am trying to decide on a color for the bathroom and put up a couple of shades from some samples but haven’t decided and forgot to take a picture.

I did take a picture of the fireplace – I want to go with a color other than white for the mantel – these are both gray, but one is a lot darker. I’m just going to have to wait until the hearth and tile are in to make a decision, I think.


I put the guest bed together this weekend. The instructions from Ikea made a sad face on the cartoon trying to put it together by himself and a happy face when he/it had a friend. I did it by myself so suck it, Ikea! Again, no picture – not yet!

P.S.  Guess who is skipping town?  It’s not me!

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