Floors are done!

They said we could walk on them Saturday, probably, but no workers tromping over them until at least Monday. I think that we will not walk on them until at least Sunday and check with the new guys to see if they think I should put anything on top of the floors like old carpet pieces or something to protect them while they finish the bathroom and kitchen.

I really hope these aren’t too shiny. I had thought I wanted a satin finish since I’m not a big fan of super shiny, but the floor guy, when he put the sample stain on the floor, said a semi-gloss wasn’t shiny-shiny and I didn’t want to go too flat. They are still sticky, or were when I took the picture so maybe they will tone down a bit after a while.


In other news, the upholsterer picked up my couch and the chair that matches it that we found up in the attic at Dad’s office. He said he’ll be done by Wednesday or Thursday! Not a lot of time there, huh? I knew he was fast, but not that fast!

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One thought on “Floors are done!

  1. Shelley

    Omg. Beautiful! They look so good.

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