More bathroom progress and a nice surprise!

I called the new guys today to tell them that there was a problem with one of the tiles in the bathroom. Before I did that, though, I made Jennifer come over and look at the tile to make sure I wasn’t being ridiculous. Nope, she agreed, that would be the ONLY thing I would see when I went into the bathroom, and now that she knows it’s there, she would always see it, too. So, since I can’t have my friends coming over and staring at my wacky tile, I called. No problem, they’ll fix it. Will they charge me by the hour to fix their screw up like other people? Nope.

So, not only did they fix the tile, I also asked about the vanity and toilet. Since I got an open vanity, they think Mr. White needs to paint before it is installed. I agree but what about when the floor guys come? Doesn’t it need to be moved? They agreed. And, he adds, “They’re over there right now.” So today after work I expected to see beadboard up and the vanity and toilet at least sitting in the bathroom. I had already asked my sister-in-law about hiring the s-nephew this weekend to help me get the old toilet out, moving around the stuff that is on the floors and getting the paper up that is protecting the sanded floors, as well as vacuuming or sweeping. She said he would love to! Then I did go down the street after work and that’s when I found my surprise!

The s-nephew is out of a job because the new guys cleaned up everything! I may still sweep or take the vacuum down there, just so the floor guys have one less thing to do before they start.






P.S.  Somebody please clean the lens of my camera!  It is filthy and no matter what I do – spots!  Ugh!

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